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Speaking Broken London: Broken Heart Syndrome

hello. eh, since speak London, Clarky never uses the salam anymore. eheh. excuse Clarky please. ehem. Salam. 

Clarky is not a medical student, what else a certified MD. but Clarky watches TV a lot. one day during Clarky's daily routine of watching Royal Pain on Clarky's laptop, Clarky encountered a term called Broken Heart Syndrome. the term, although we use everyday to point out to someone whose love been rejected, also exists in the medical world. 
Broken heart might be fatal!!

hah! take that, very the long link to wiki! :p
so why they call it Broken Heart Syndrome? it is beause the syndrome usually occurs to those suffering from great stress, where heart muscles weaken. the weak muscles can cause heart failure, ventricular arrhythmias, and ventricular rupture and of course later, death.
but don't worry, doctors will provide medication of course but it is waaaay better to prevent it from happening, right? manage your stress well. go for excersice, socialize with the right cycle of friends, go to spa to have a massage (er..but not Rumah Urut providing 'extra yum yum' service heh!) and for women, of course nothing is better than RETAIL THERAPY. aha!

till then guys, tata! muah! muah!


uculer said...

i would teman you shopping anytime

Clarky Afif said...

hi hi hi hi hi :D


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