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Speaking London: Relationships

all of my friends are having sweet lovey-dovey relationships. including those nasty bitches (not gonna tell who but who eats the chilli she who feels the hotness. ahak! ahak wadehel!). either only couples, engaged or married, they are happy with their own guys/girls.

me? duh i'm the only loser doowh! I don't have any, seriously. oh no don't go "eleh Clarky you bluff sure got boyfriends lah!" but frankly speaks (or write) I only got scandals. married men man. and seems like nice guys already fade from existance.

kamon! guys hello...guys (hansome, with sports car and good career and good heart)...I'm still available! hahahah!

oh that guy I claimed my hubby. nah, he's just a friend of mine although he fulfills all the criteria of Clarky's Dream Man. woho. ho. ho.

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