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Speaking Broken London: Look at That Sexy Lady Smoker!

hi guys!

speaking (and writing) of smoking habits among ladies is like discussing about lady drivers. no, seriously. they both craps at doing what guys do best. it's not that I love seeing smoking men but better leave the stinky habits for them and them only, cause we ladies are made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

not being a hypocrite, I was a smoker once too. I picked up the habit since I entered the legal age to buy ciggies. it was the time when I went out of home to college. I tried cigarettes then I moved to cigars for more flavour. I simply smoked (it is weird inserting a 'd' right? it is like I smoked a fish on a grill or something) to surpress my appetite. did it work?


other lady smokers smoke because the habit make them look sexy. yeah, Audrey Hepburn smoking a ciggies with a very looooong filter in Breakfast at Tiffany did look sexy because she WAS sexy, petite and adorable. if you're a girl with bad hair and gross skin and has too much make up on and a razor sharp tongue smoking, does that make you sexy? HELL NO.


some ladies smoke because of trend. you go to clubs filled with ciggies smoke realising you are the only secondhand smoker. feeling unfairness, you grab one and starts smoking. or if you are a corporate bourgeoisie, you might consider smoking cigar while sipping a nice cup of expensive coffee in coffeehouses, and stocking up your cigars in Havana Club, the biggest cigar fumer in KL.


hey, been there.

not going to preach you on the side effects of smoking, ladies! we all know it gives us lung cancer, breast cancer (I don't wanna lose my pair of 40Es!), miscarriage, heart disease, premature aging (early wrinkles, dark spots), bad breath...the list goes on.

so better to stop now. we don't want to see one whole family sucking on ciggies, right?
So wrong.


Anonymous said...

an honest confession. u got my respect.

i quit smoking 2 years ago.

Clarky Afif said...

@matahari: kena jujur tao!tamo tipu2 tak baek tuhan marah. ;p

gabbana said...

o__O anda pernah smoked dulu..? hallo..?? jejaka kacak dan bergaya saya pon tak pernah smoke hoccayy...?? B-)

smoked clarky afif, as in smoked salmon or smoked sotong. wahahaha.. xp

crazy_labelle said...

bkn sbb nak kuruskan badan ke?

Valossa Vicious said...

Sometimes I fancy girls smoking, like they're so hot they could care less about the world.

But at times I just wanna shove those cigarettes down their throat.

I'm a chronic heavy smoker.

Clarky Afif said...

gabbana: perasan ke konfiden tang kacak tu? haha

Clarky Afif said...

crazy_labelle: that was one of my reason, gave me satiety

Clarky Afif said...

Valossa: well dude, the feeling is mutual. heh heh!


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