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Speaking Broken London: What Is This Bingka Ubi Doing In My Plate?

Hello, it's been a while since i wrote my entry in English. Seems like my English vocab got lost in transitions. I mean, time. Sure, I gotta polish it to work as an information analyst. Phhhfft!

It is rainy in Malaysia. Back then when I was still cute little princess of my parents, the Monsoon season only happens in the East Coast of Peninsular. But now seems like Mother Nature wants every Malaysian to sit in our comfy sofa wrapped in blanket enjoying coffee and kuih. Heavenly!!

Being a Kelantanese I have a chance to go back to Kelantan (sometimes referred as Texas by me hehehe) where they harvest all sorts of tubers from tapioca, yam, sweet potatoes, Discorea esculenta (ubi itik),  Coleus tuberosus (ubi keling) to Dioscorea alata (ubi badak or greater yam). Hey my favourites would be sweet potatoes which I made into kuih keria and tapioca which me and my mom made bingkang ubi and poli ubi. So this time I'd like to share the recipe of bingkang ubi first.

Now my our version is less sticky and less oily then the ones sold by kuih hawkers.


5 cups of blended tapioca (squeeze the juice out. eew)
3 cups of thick coconut milk
2 cups of sugar
2 eggs
few drops of yellow coloring (we use Star Brand's Pewarna Kuning Telur)
salt to taste

1. Mix everything in a bowl. 
2. Brush some margerin on a large baking pan and pour the mixture into the pan.
3. Bake for 30 minutes at 150 degree Celcius.
4. Brush some margerin on the kuih while it's still hot.
5. Now it is ready to be cut and eaten.

And as a friend used to say, "ENJOYCE!"


Valossa Vicious said...

Seriously I've never heard of the other types of ubi you mentioned... Except sweet potato. -.-

Terima kasih untuk ubi.

clarky said...

@valossa: harhar! jom mabok2 ubi!


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