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Birthday Wishlist 2011 (Entry Narsisis)

ehem..look who'll turn 24 on February 2nd, y'all!

well someone just asked me what I want for CNY my birthday. okay, this is the list:
  1.  good health (hopefully...oh pain oh pain please get lost!)
  2.  VERY GOOD wealth
  3. a decent job
  4. good and healthy relationships with everyone
  5. a chance to further my studies (how France sounds to you hah?)
  6. positive attitude
  7. new lappy (whooaaa...Alienware is a something yeah? coz I have to return this lappy T_T)
  8. new phone (ngee...Nokia X5 tak ramai orang pakai kan? kan? kan?)
  9. to learn sewing so that I, the fussy ME can make bags for myself. okay I'll sell them online too!
  10. new Clarks sandals and shoes (girls!)
  11. to lose 40kg (that includes healthy diet and intense workout, dahling!)
  12. to be mature in whatever decisions I'll make, and whatever blaaahss I'm thinking
  13. to stop lying about...whatever.
  14. to have a REAL boyfriend  (kohkohkoh! kohkohkoh!)
  15. new attire makeover (I hate to see myself wearing long tees for Muslimah, aw c'mon that is soooo not ME)
  16. to finish my writings of short stories and novels and poems (someone has bombs to break writer's block?)
  17. to publish my book
  18. more books to read
  19. bedroom makeover 
  20. er...lastly..lastly... (to be filled later)
hehe. hehe.


Anonymous said...

happy kurang umur setahun clarky

Anonymous said...

selamat menikmati ketuaan

Clarky Afif said...

luna: eheh thank you luna

MATAHARI: nyah, trimassss

Mohamad Faizal said...

selamat hari jadi clarky. semoga cita-citamu untuk menurunkan berat badan 40kg tercapai kalau susah sangat makan dan muntah sahaja.

happy birthday!

Clarky Afif said...

ijai: yay ijai cool! hakhak!

Fyzal said...

that's a long list but good luck. di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan.. ye tak? :)

Fyzal said...

by the way.. happy belataed birthday

apeqchan said...

baru 24...masih muda


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