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Speaking Broken London: Sleepy Beauty

hey guys, lovely guys. happy Friday and Gong Xi Fa Cai Xin Nian Kwai Le.

last night I went to see my ENT specialist due to the excretion of pus from my ear. eeew yeah. caused by sinusitis and few allergies. eeeeew again, yeah.

last time I saw him, he prescribed me Fenfedrin and Doxycycline, and with a continuation of Somin. now, now, he warned me that those babes will get me high A BIT sleepy. since I'm doing nothing at home and I don't drive that supposed to make me feel happy. heh.

now I'm in Somin-state. Somin oh Somin this babe gives me high feeling. and I feel sleepy all the time. ALL THE TIME. I even fell asleep while walking in a mall. WHILE WALKING MY WAY in a mall, can u even imagine seeing a girl walking while closing her eyes, losing her conciousness? my my... I feel like a zombie.

and last night the doc prescribed me more with two kinds of antibiotics.

hehe. hehe. next month I'll be in coma perhaps. sleeping my life through...being a Sleepy Beauty. haha! Sleepy Beauty.



Anonymous said...

i still need u as a writer.

don't you get thecoma!

psst. give it to me. the sleepyness.

Clarky Afif said...

MATAHARI: wow. priceless comment. sure, want all? ask for Somin in pharmacies.

Anonymous said...

Somin? would it effect my brain? cause i've ruined it too much already.

Dark Half said...

salam clarky
lucky you for falling asleep while walking in the mall. i was sleep driving back then..haha

Clarky Afif said...

MATAHARI:konfem la kalo tido banyak boleh benak oooh haha

Dark Half: huhu bawak bekal coffee la...


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